Students, Faculty, Staff:

Commencement is a day to celebrate the achievements of our students as a community before they head off into the world beyond City Colleges.

Students, if you ask your professor, a friend, or family member about their own graduation day, chances are there was something that stands out in their mind that made the ceremony memorable; walking across the stage to receive their diploma, seeing their favorite instructor in the audience, taking pictures with family and friends after the ceremony in full regalia.  We want to ensure that your graduation is a fitting commemoration of all the effort you invested to reach that point.

With that in mind, we would like to announce that the 2018 City Colleges’ Commencement for Associate Degree Earners will take place on Saturday, May 5th, time: TBD. There will be two ceremonies held on the same day at the new Wintrust Arena, located at 200 East Cermak, in Chicago.

The two ceremonies will be shorter than the single ceremony in past years, and will offer faculty and staff more opportunity to engage with students.

We have established commencement planning committees at each of the colleges who will shape what the day will entail. Faculty and staff who would like to share ideas for making our commencement ceremonies inspiring and enjoyable for our graduates and the whole CCC community should reach out to your college planning committee chair, listed below. Students who have ideas about what might make the day special should email



Daley College

Cynthia Moreno

Harold Washington College

Armen Sarrafian

Kennedy-King College

Equan Burrows

Malcolm X College

Tasha Williams

Olive-Harvey College

Michelle Adams

Truman College

Mary Ann Soley

Wright College

Romell Murden-Woldu

Keep an eye out for opportunities to join in the countdown to graduation on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and in your CCC email. Further details about how the ceremonies will be structured and which colleges will graduate together will also be announced in the coming weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email

We look forward to celebrating the achievements of our graduates as a community and hope you will share your thoughts and ideas with your commencement committee chair or the president of your college.


Dr. Mark Potter


Felicia Davis

Interim President OHC

Commencement executive sponsor

Craig Lynch

Interim President KKC

Commencement executive sponsor